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Schedule your donations for the sacred 10 nights

Schedule your donations for the Sacred Last 10 Nights of Ramadan with these simple steps:

1- Select each Sacred Night for your Donations via Paypal by following this link:

2- Schedule your Donations for each Sacred Night

3- Complete your transaction

Now you can relax knowing that your donations will be made automatically, ensuring you don’t miss giving on the sacred Night of Power.

So what are you waiting for?


Peckham High Street mosque is in debt, please donate this Ramadan

Assalamu alaikum,
My dears brothers and sisters

Peckham High street Islamic and Cultural Centre (PHSICC) in debt of £250,000

it needs your help to clear its off.

This is a great opportunity to have Allah’s pleasure. Specially in this great month of Ramadan.

As Allah the almighty said: for the like of this let all strive, who wish to strive. (Assâfâti 6).

Your contribution will make a huge change,

Please, remember this word FÎ-SABÎLILLH

Donate here

Ramadan 1442: Only 2 Taraweeh Jama this year

Because of the COVID 19 rules, we will have 2 Taraweeh Jama this year:

– 1st Jama starts at normal Isha time

– 2nd Jama starts 30 minutes later.


Our Ramadan Timetable is also available to download below:

The first day of Ramadan 2021 starts this Tuesday 13, April 2021

Peckham High Street Islamic and Cultural Centre (PHSICC) is pleased to announce that the first day of Ramadan 1442 will be on Tuesday 13, April 2021.

See below our Ramadan Timetable :

Ramadan 2021: Guidelines for the UK Muslim Community

This guidance will address the most salient issues that affect the community in this blessed time. It is based on sharia guidelines about the performance of these central acts of worship, but also takes into consideration the health and safety guidance from Public Health England, as
well as government guidance and regulations relating to lockdown. The major points have been discussed and agreed with central government representatives just prior to publication, and should serve as evidentiary in discussions with local authorities and health boards.

We pray that this month is one filled with spirituality, charity, striving, mercy and forgiveness for all of us, through which we draw closer to our Lord and one another – emotionally, not physically!

To read and download the full guidance, please click here:

bbsi ramadan guideline 2021 V6blue

Ramadan 2021: Muslim communities urged to remain safe as holy month set to begin

Councils have been working closely with mosques to make sure they are Covid safe

Muslims across the world will begin observing the holy month of Ramadan this year.

The holy month will begin on 12 or 13 April and end on 12 or 13 May depending on the Islamic calendar which follows the lunar cycle.

Much like last year, Ramadan will be drastically different for Muslims across The United Kingdom, with many customs and practices being changed due to Covid restrictions.

Last year Ramadan began almost a month into the first lockdown which meant mosques were closed and people were told to stay at home.

As a result of this, many Muslims were not able to take part in congregational prayers and visit family and friends to break their fast together at sunset.

However, as the country begins its roadmap out of national lockdown some rules have already allowed for places of worship to remain open for communal prayers.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar which Muslims observe by fasting between sunrise and sunset.

An important month for Muslims, the annual event is meant to help people focus on prayer, purification and charitable acts.

In July last year, places of worship were able to reopen with Covid restrictions in place and mosques up and down, the community leaders worked hard to make sure that the places of worship were able to run with social distancing measures put in place.

Social distancing limitations were based on the capacity of individual places of worship which means the night-time prayer, Taraweeh, will take place in mosques but with fewer people and shortened time.

Taraweeh prayers are ritual prayers performed by Muslims at night during the holy month of Ramadan.

As has been the case for several months now, Friday prayers along with the night time prayer, Taraweeh, will be able to take place but at a limited capacity.

Much like last year many people will most likely pray at home with virtual sermons and livestreams set to reconvene.

Councils of Britain have shared a guide on Ramadan safety and Eid this year which advises on fasting, breaking fast, praying and guidance for mosques.

Ramadan 2020: Eid al-Fitr is on Sunday 24 May 2020

Official Announcement from the Peckam High Street Islamic & Cultural Centre :

Eid al-Fitr is on Sunday 24 May 2020

May Allah forgive us, accept our Sadaqah and grant us a great reward, may He keep us safe and healthy, and may He enable us to return to our Mosque soon.

Complete your sadaqah of Ramadan by giving the Mosque a Special Gift this Eid! We are asking members of the community to donate at least £1.

Eid Mubarak to you and your family from PHSICC

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