Ensuring security at your mosque

In light of the terrorist attack at two mosques in New Zealand earlier today it is more important than ever that the security of our mosques is maintained, especially during busy periods like Friday prayers.

A breakdown of tips is below:

1. Establish contact with your local Police

  1. Request their support or presence at your mosque if you feel this will re-assure your worshippers.
  2. Develop a long-term relationship with them to ensure they can support you in future.
  3. Ensure they have your contact details, and also that your staff and volunteers have the contact numbers of your local Police or PCSO.

2. Re-assure your congregation

  1. Many of your worshippers and neighbours will naturally feel more anxious in such times as these. Re-assure them that such violent incidents are rare and your mosque and the Police are doing everything possible to keep them safe.
  2. Remind them to stay calm and measured – disunity and panic is exactly what the criminals are seeking to create and we must stand together and not let them succeed.
  3. Inform your worshippers of the means to report hate crime (See Point 5 & 6 below)

3. Emergency Exits

  1. Staff and volunteers should be aware of the main emergency exits of your building(s) and any emergency exit procedures.
  2. Ensure doors are not obstructed or locked.

4. Cameras and Alarms

  1. Cameras and alarms are effective deterrents against criminal activity. If you do not have cameras or alarm systems installed, consider installing them covering external and internal parts of your premises. Your local police can advise on suitable systems.
  2. If you do have them, ensure they are fully working and connected.

5. Reporting hate crime and threats

  • If you fear a potential hate crime incident, report it by calling 999 directly.
  • Less imminent threats can also be reported online

6. Informing congregation on reporting hate crime

  • Many worshippers may not know how to report hate crime. Consider putting up posters in your mosque/circulating this information to your congregation via Whatsapp/Email on how to report hate crime via the above means.
  • Posters should be in English as well as other languages spoken by your congregation.

If you or someone you know has encountered an Islamophobic incident, do not stay silent but please report it.

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The AIIT and Peckham High Street Islamic and Cultural Centre (PHSICC) condemn the recent attack at two mosques in New Zealand

The African Ivorian Islamic Trust (AIIT) and Peckham High Street Islamic and Cultural Centre (PHSICC) strongly and unequivocally condemn the horrific and tragic incident that happened in New Zealand during Jumma’h prayer where at least 49 people were confirmed dead and many others injured.

We are greatly saddened by this attack on innocent Muslims while performing their religious duty. The occurrence of this attack in a country that is known to be open, friendly and diverse, is a direct indication of the need to urgently and with outmost seriousness handle the issue of Islamophobia and other forms of Racism in our communities. 

This latest attack was not only deadly, the attacker did not spare any one, men, women including young children. 

Our whole community aligns its voice with that of all good people of the United Kingdom and the world to emphatically condemn this act of terrorism and criminality. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and we sincerely share in their pain and wish them all the strength they need at this difficult time. We call on all our communities, both Muslims and non-Muslims, particularly Muslims as we attend the Jumma’h services in our different communities to stay vigilant and alert while we pray for peace to prevail. 

We all need  to come together in solidarity to ensure that the forces of evil and hatred do not prevail during this period. We should all continue to work together to ensure that such acts of terrorism do not cower us or divide us. We should stand together in peace and unity.

We hope the perpetrators are brought to justice and the UK government and other governments around the world come together to fight all forms of terrorism wherever it stems from.

Secretary General
118-120 Peckham High Street
SE15 5ED

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Walima on the 23 February

Assalam Alaikoum

Peckham High Street Mosque and families Bamba, Fofana, Fane, Meite and Kabadougou UK, invite the whole community to the walima of marriage of their son (Amara Fofana) and their daughter (Salimata Fane) Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 4 pm to 10 pm at Gardens Community Center 19 Buller Close London SE15 6UJ

We will be very happy to count you among our guests.

Bus 381or 78


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Symposium Invitation: Join us on Saturday 9 to explore the black muslims history & heritage

Join this exciting symposium exploring issues around the history, culture and heritage of black Muslims in the UK and beyond.

Saturday 9 February 2019 From 2pm to 6pm


Djam Lecture Theatre (DLT), SOAS University of London, WC1H 0XG

Black muslims Symposium
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A fundraising throughout the week for Ibrahim Toure

PHSICC informs the Muslim community that the fundraising it is organising will continue throughout the week and calls for the massive participation of all to allow the repatriation of the remains of our brother Ibrahim Toure in Côte d’Ivoire.

You are invited to donate through the mosque or you can make payment to our bank account with reference as Ibrahim Toure funds.

HSBC Bank,

Acc: 01708716

Sort Code: 40-05-25 

Mosque Contact: 020 7635 0088 – 079 4957 3392

May God accept him in his Paradise!


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A fundraising for Ibrahim Toure (Diderot/Gomez) is organised today at 4pm at the Peckham mosque

Inalillah wa ina iley radjioun

The PECKHAM MOSQUE invites the Muslim community to a fundraising on Saturday 19 January 2019 at 4pm at the Peckham Mosque in order to organize the funeral of our brother and friend IBRAHIM TOURE also known as Diderot and Gomez, whose death occurred on Sunday 13 January in London.

Our condolences to his grieving family!

For any contact, call:

Cheick diaby: 07949 573392

Consty: 07533 940742



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Necrology: Ibrahim Toure known as Diderot and Gomez has passed away this Sunday, January 13

Inalillah wa ina iley radjioun

The Touré family, Diaby, Koné, soumahoro Savané and the PECKHAM MOSQUE have the deep sorrow to announce the death of our brother and friend IBRAHIM TOURE known as (Diderot or Gomez). His death occurred on Sunday, January 13 in London.

All our condolences to the grieving family.

May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace  !


Cheick diaby: 07949 573392

Consty: 07533 940742



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Fanta Sanogo lost her father in Ivory Coast

Assalam Alaikoum


The Camara Sanogo family and Peckham Mosque have the deep pain of announcing the death of FANTA SANOGO’s father. Abdoulaye Camara’s wife aka WASSAP in Ivory Coast. May the earth be light and heaven be his last home.

Allahouma Amine

A Qur’anic reading is organized tonight at 17:00 at home.

Fanta Sanogo 07456666011

Abdoulaye Camara aka Wasap: 11 Rowley House, Watergate Street, London SE8 3HH



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