Ramadan 2018: The Soilat Tahajud Prayers starting tonight

The PHSICC inform the community that the late night prayers (Soilat Tahajud) will start on Tuesday night to Wednesday morning at 00:00.

Wasalam Aleykoum

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The Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting is the fourth pillar of the five pillars of Islam that is the center of the rituals of the Islamic religion it isn’t an ordinary worship but a fundamental underpinning of the Islamic religion, so God Almighty, made it an obligation on every muslim capable of fasting. Perhaps given superficial view it seems to be that its purpose is merely to impose a hardship and torture on Muslims, but quite the contrary, God Almighty imposed fasting for our good.

Studies had demonstrated the considerable benefits of fasting on the rights on all levels, spiritually, socially, psychologically and physically.

The Benefits Of Fasting

First, the physical benefits: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: (fast to be healthy), the scientists confirmed that the abstention from food for a period of time is very necessary in order to let human body doing its vital operations normally and healthy, prosecutorial frequently dining at all times puts our body systems under terrible pressure to get rid of the excess food, so the body becomes Exhausted and toxins begin accumulating and we gain more and more weight . Obesity is a high risk factor for other serious diseases like hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis, so fasting protects us from all these serious diseases and let the body repair itself to become healthier.

The Benefits Of Fasting

Secondly psychological benefits: at the psychological level, the process of fasting helps much to promote mental health, in Ramadan Muslim to refrain from a lot of bad habits -not just food and drink and sexual intercourse, but perhaps there is a lot of bad habits such as smoking and excessive eating or soft drinks and perhaps also bad psychological characteristics as the anger and ill-treatment of others and other. Whether these things absolutely Haram or just bad things that had A bad effect on our life, Ramadan and fasting helps us to control our habits, so it’s a significant chance to train on Will power and self-restraint. It’s reported also that fasting decrease depression and anxiety.

Thirdly Social Benefits: The Fasting contributes to strengthen and enhance the social relationship between members of the Islamic Nation, everyone is committed to

the performance of that duty uniformly abstain from food at the same time and eating at the same time,

Probably met in the homes of each other or in occasions for breakfast together, that strengthens the ties of relationship, and contributes to make the isolated out of their isolation. The abstention from food for a period of time makes everyone feels the pain of hunger, reminding them of the suffering of their brothers of the poor, so it makes all society members help each other Narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor.

Fourthly spiritual benefits: Perhaps this is the greatest benefit among all because we are formed of body and soul each of which has specific needs. We always forget our soul needs and then our balance is disturbed and we became slaves to our serious problems. Fasting makes us communicating with Allah and helps to liberate our souls, it’s the shortest way to peace.

All of these benefits and more, outlined by the All-knowing saying: (and that you fast is better for you if you know)[ Al-baqarah-184].

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Prayer in Ramadan

Muslim performs five obligatory (prescribed) prayers a day . At down , at noon , in the afternoon , at sunset and at night ? But what is the reality of prayer ? Is it more sports movements performed continuously and unconsciously with some uttered memorized words ? What makes it a religious duty ? All creatures can do specific regular movements .

Only the human brain can dye and stamp these movements with spiritual link between man and His Creator . This exactly the real purpose of prayer .

Prayer is the process of complete detachment from everything around , except Allah , and this called devoutness . This devoutness makes prayer a source of comfort to Muslim’s soul and spiritual energy that enables him to face the hardship of life . In the few minutes which the worshiper spend in close relation with Allah , he drives power from the Ever – Powerful (Glory be to Him) .

We can understand that prayer isn’t limited to showing prerequisites of loyalty and enslavement to Allah but it is also a must for rectitude of man’s life . In addition to the worldly benefits we get from prayer , it has reward that guarantee success in the Hereafter .

Prayer in Ramadan

Prayers were fifty when they were first prescribed and they reduced to five but they ‘re still fifty in reward . This in ordinary days . What could the reward in the blessed honorable month of Ramadan in which the reward of obedience is doubled beyond what we can imagine !

Ramadan is a great chance we wait all the year round to be a starting point to acquire good qualities and get rid of the bad ones . To repent heavy burdens of sins on our shoulders , so we should never stop supplication to Allah to forgive all our sins . We must remember that the best times for supplication and Du’a are the moments of prostration where the worshipper is closest to his Lord (Glory be to Him) .This drives us to perform more of voluntary prayers .

We must remember the spirit of Ramadan with its nightly voluntary prayer (called salat Al-Qiyam or salat Ul-Taraweah ) . Abu-Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) said , our Prophet (may the peace and blessing from Allah be upon Him ) said : ” Whoever pray the nightly voluntary prayer in Ramadan on the basis of Iman (Faith ) and the pleasure of AllaH , his past errors are forgiven ” .

The time of this prayer is from Eleshaa prayer until dawn prayer . It’s our prophet’s tradition who used to pray eleven Rakaa’ (kneels) every night . Lady Ayesha ; mother of the believers “narrated that our prophet didn’t exceed them either in Ramadan or in other months ,four perfect long kneels then four perfect long kneels and finally three kneels ” (El Bukhari & Muslim) . In this prayer the congregational prayer is preferred to the individual prayer for both man and woman . The Iman recites possible verses of Holy Qura’n . Our Prophet ( peace be upon Him ) recommended Imams not to exaggerate in the length of reciting so as not to cause treble to the diseased , women or the weak .

Prayer in Ramadan

This month has – lailt Al Qadr – “The Night Of Honor And Excellence ” which is the most venerable night at all . It is really a chance that can never be compensated . Its the night of Dua’a response , forgiveness and acceptance , so the prudent Muslim mustn’t miss it . He should perform more prayers and supplication so that he may be among the accepted and the forgiven if Allah wills .

But what about those who don’t perform prayer in this month ? What is the legal verdict ? Does this nullify their fasting ?
The verdict varies according to the motives of leaving out prayers . Those who leave prayer out of denial and disownment of its obligation are infidels according to consensus of Islamic scholars where as those who leave it out of laziness , the scholars have different opinions . Most of them regard this a major sin as prayer is a cornerstone and the second pillar of Islam after the Testimony , However this doesn’t fail fasting . Why don’t we handle such point ? Why do some people consider prayer a heavy burden ? I think the answer is at the beginning of the article .

Those who intend to add spirit to their prayer regard it as a link between them and their Lord (Allah ) , spiritual fuel , salvation from burdens and safe resort so they enjoy performing it . But those who ignore its reality & greatness and view it as more sports movements find it a heavy burden , and do it sluggishly (lazily) or leave it completely . Allah (Glory be to Him) said : “And seek help and in patience and prayer , it is indeed too much to do except for those of humble spirit ” (Al Baqara 45) .

We must be keen on self-sterile , change our concepts about prayer and make it our safest resort . Ramadan is the most convenient chance to do this . Don’t miss it .

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6th day Ramadan: Invocation of the day

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5th Day Ramadan: Invocation of the day

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4th day Ramadan: Invocation of the day

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3rd day Ramadan: Invocation of the day

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The Unique Reward of Fasting by Mohammed Fares

It is known that as you sow, so will you reap . As long as you are industrious you will inevitably be successful . If you are helpful you will find help in time of need . It is a concrete fact that nothing unrewarded whether good or bad . If  someone does atask for you ,you will reward him especially if they do it prefectly ” the way you admire .. then the reward will be doubled  ” .  Allah, is the most sublime example , but too exalted for the like .If we submit to (obey ) his commandments and abstain from his restraints , he will reward us in life and in the life after . But Allah, Glory be to Him is the most tolerant and the All-Generous will double the reward of good deeds to ten doubles or much more .

This is perhaps because Allah cares not only for the abstract deeds but  also for the purity of intention,self-strife,sincerity and patience . He also rewards us for our love of him ,which drive us to quit what our souls long for to get his satisfaction . Allah rewards us for worship in general , but fasting has its own status . Allah has marked it with unlimited reward that our limited minds can never imagine its greatness . This is clear in a Hadith narrated by Abu-Huryra (may Allah be pleased with him) our prophet (may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him ) said : thal Allah said in Asacred Hadith ” All human being’s deeds are for him except fasting it is for Me and  I reward for ” .


All kinds of worship are commands of Allah ; The Great and the Almighty , then what makes fasting different, with limitless reward ?!

Unlike other act of workshop, fasting has its unique characteristics . Muslim abondons what is legal submitting to Allah’s commands . That involves hardship especially in hot weather and on long days . Muslim endures this hardship only for the sake of Allah and this  an evidence of faith strength in their hearts . Fasting is also the only worship that is void of hypocrisy . Only Allah  ‘ Glory be to Him ‘  knows whether you are true in your fasting or not . Morever ,fasting is an act of worship where patience is clearly manifested . Allah has promised the patient with limitless reward . This is referred in Allah’s saying ” The patient are rewarded to unlimited extent ” (Al zumar :10)  .

During fasting ,muslim endures the pains of hunger , thirst , the temporary weakness of their body , abondament of legal worldly desires and sins . This is only for Allah’s satisfaction , so Allah grants fasting persons uinlimited reward for their submission and patience . This is the honour of fasting at any time .

Fasting in Ramadan has its particular blessing and superiority . All acts of worship and good deeds have double reward . There are lots of Holy Quran’s Verses and Hadiths that handled the merits of fasting among them the Hadith which showed that Allah ” Glory be to Him ” oppointed a particular door in the Paradise only for fasting persons  called ” EL Rayaan ” .

Sahl Bin Saad (may Allah be pleased with him ) said , The prophet (may the blessing and peace be upon him from Allah ) said ; ” The paradise has a door called EL-Rayaan , only the fasting enter through on the Judgement Day , no one else can enter .  It is closed ,when they enter,and no one else can enter ” .

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Allah to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty has made fasting an atonement for sins and intercession on the Judgement Day  . In a Hadith narrated by Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him ) our prophet ( may the blessing and peace from Allah be upon him ) said : ” Allah forgive  the previous sins for whoever fast Ramadan faithfully and in anticipation of Allah’s reward ” .

Amr Bin El’ass  ( may Allah be pleased with him ) narrated  that our prophet ( may peace and mercy be upon him from Allah ) said : ” Fasting and Quran intercede for the slave on the Judgement Day , Fasting says Oh , my Lord , I prevented him from worldly desires by day , would you accept my intercession . The Quran says I deprived him of sleeping at night , would you make me his intersessor . It was said  , they interceded ” .

Our prophet said : “The bad smell omitted from the mouth of the fasting person is better than the fragrance of the perfume of Misk ” .

Then we have known the great reward waiting for us ! Why don’t we aspire to perfect fasting of Ramadan and well   preparation  to reap its precious fruits . Oh ,our Lord we long for  the days of Ramadan . We plead you to make us among your pious and patient slaves .

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