Conference on the Merits of the night of Destiny this Sunday, June 10

Conference on the Merits of the night of Destiny this Sunday, June 10

Asalam Alykoum, the PHSICC is pleased to have you among the guests at the conference on the merits of the night of destiny by our dear Imam Souaré Mamadou of Paris. Sunday, June 10 at 19h.

Wassalam aleykum

Conference on the blessing month of Ramadan is this Saturday 12th

Assalam alaikoum Dear brothers and sisters,

The Peckham Mosque invites the entire Muslim community to a conference on the preparations of the blessing month of Ramadan that will take place this Saturday, May 12th from 5 pm at the Peckham Mosque in Shaa Allah.

At this same time, we will take advantage to do our meeting with the muslim women.

Do not forget to pay the £10 related to the membership fee.

We strongly recommend to attend these 2 important events: Conference and meeting.

Please share the message with your loved ones.



A conference on Prophet Muhammad to be held this Saturday 23 at PHSM

Category : Announcements

Assalamu Alaikum
Peckham High street Mosque is pleased to inform you that PHSM is organising a conference this Sunday 23, April 2017 at 4pm about The Miraculous Night Journey of our Beloved Prophet SAW (ISRA WAL MI’RAJ )
The speaker will be OUSTAZ IBRAHIM CISSE.
You are all invited to come and Ask whatever questions you would like.

Wassalam alaikum

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