The Peckham High Street Islamic and Cultural Centre works actively to encourage tolerance and understanding. Along with all the local mosques. We enjoy excellent interfaith relations and the strength of these relationships has stood us all in good stead during the difficulties of recent years. We participate in the Peckham Interfaith and conference on religious tolerance with representation from all the major faiths. We envisage to have an open door Several times a year in the mosque and Centre, inviting people to visit and view an exhibition about Islam and Muslims.
Our Imams and community workers encourage constructive engagement in society and a rejection of extremism in all its forms. We unequivocally reject all terrorism. During the recent extremist groups attacks on London civilians, we stood with our community and rejected all forms of terrorisms. The Peckham High Street Islamic and Cultural Centre also will always prevent its premises to be used as a platform for promoting extremists views. We encourage our centre worshippers and visitors to abide by the law of the land take part in their democratic and civil right by participating in the local and general election.