Contribute to our mosque project

Contribute to our mosque project


Remember that we are now going through the best 10 days of the year. According to the prophet, no action is more dear to Allah than the one performed during these ten days of Dhul Hijau, not even the last ten days of Ramadhan. Therefore, take this opportunity to contribute to our mosque project.

As you can see on the diagram, we are still far from the target amount, only your generous contribution can make the difference.

Please, do not let these days go by without reducing a commitment amount of £1000.
May Allah reward you abundantly.

Fundraising Committee

Urgent Appeal for £100,000to complete the Mosque purchase

Please, help us this Ramadan to complete the purchase of the Mosque. We have £100,000 left - A Great Opportunity for Sadaqah Jareyah

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