[heading align=”left” tag= “h2″ title=”Footer Settings” title_color=”#000″ style=”simple-heading” desc_color=”#000″ description=”You can manage your website Footer Copyright Text and Footer Social Icons in this section.”][/heading] [separator margin_top_bottom=”0px” size =”2px” style=”solid” color=”#442525″]


[column col=”1/1″]footer_settings[/column]


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[heading align=”left” tag= “h3″ title=”How To Use” title_color=”#000″ style=”simple-heading” desc_color=”#000″ description=”Here is the detailed explanation of how to utilize these settings.”][/heading] [checklist icon=”fa-star” iconcolor=”#e77200″]
  • Logo: You can Manage your Footer Logo from this section.
  • Width: You can Manage your Footer Logo Width.
  • Height: You can Manage your Footer Logo Height.
  • Social Icons: You can Turn on/off Footer Social Icons from here.
  • Footer Copyright: You can write your website Copyright Text in the given field.
  • Footer Widget Layout: You can select footer layout styles from this section.
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