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Nafl: 11th night

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Four (04) Rakat – Two Salam
Each Raka-At
– 1 Times Fatihat
– 7 times Ina Anzalnahou
– 7 times Koul’ya Ayouhal Kafirouna
– 7 times Koul’houa Allahou Ahadou

After the Last Salama, we will recite:
– 70 Times “La Haoua Wa La Kouata Ila-Bilahi Haly Il-Azini”
– 70 Times “Allahoumma Sali Alaa”

Zikre 100 Times Ya Gafourou – Oh The Great Forgiving

Whoever has done this, God will forgive his past and future sins like those who would have made an Aumone of 1000 Ecus, given to eat and drink to 1000 Affames and Vetu 1000 Person. He will be safe from misery (Danger, Poverty, Sadness and Calamity etc …) He will return to Paradise without being questioned.