Invitation: Eid & Hajj Celebration Event is hosted on 5th October 2019

Invitation: Eid & Hajj Celebration Event is hosted on 5th October 2019

Dear Brother & Sisters, PHSICC is inviting you all to the Eid & Hajj celebration big event on Saturday 5, October 2019 from 2pm to 6pm.

Venue: All Saints Community Centre, 105 New Cross Road, London SE14 5DJ

Food & refreshment will be served.


Eid Mubarak to all

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The Coordination Committee of Mosques and Islamic Centres in London has announced that Eid al Fitr is on Tuesday 4 June 2019
May Allah Forgive us and Grant us a great reward, and May He enable us to be better Muslims in the year ahead.

Eid prayers at the Peckham High Street Mosque:

08:00 1st Jama‘ah

09:00 2nd Jama‘ah

10:00 3rd Jama‘ah

11:00 4th Jama‘ah –

Don’t forget to pay your Zakat al-Fitr. The minimum amount is £5 per person, for everyone in the family, young or old. It MUST be paid BEFORE you perform your Eid prayer. You can pay your Zakat al-Fitr online here, or in person at the Mosque.

Eid & Hajj 2018 Celebration

Peckham High Street Islamic &Cultural Centre invite you all to the EID & HAJJ 2018 CELEBRATION to be hosted Saturday, October 6th 2018 at St Giles Parish Hall, 161 Benhill road, Camberwell SE5 7LL, from 4pm to 8pm.
The Secretary


Announcement: Eid 2018 celebration calendar

If Eid falls on Friday, there will only be 3 jamaats at 8am, 9am and 10am

However, if Eid is on Saturday, the jammaat will be 8; 9; 10 and 11 am.


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