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The Unique Reward of Fasting by Mohammed Fares

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It is known that as you sow, so will you reap . As long as you are industrious you will inevitably be successful . If you are helpful you will find help in time of need . It is a concrete fact that nothing unrewarded whether good or bad . If  someone does atask for you ,you will reward him especially if they do it prefectly ” the way you admire .. then the reward will be doubled  ” .  Allah, is the most sublime example , but too exalted for the like .If we submit to (obey ) his commandments and abstain from his restraints , he will reward us in life and in the life after . But Allah, Glory be to Him is the most tolerant and the All-Generous will double the reward of good deeds to ten doubles or much more .

This is perhaps because Allah cares not only for the abstract deeds but  also for the purity of intention,self-strife,sincerity and patience . He also rewards us for our love of him ,which drive us to quit what our souls long for to get his satisfaction . Allah rewards us for worship in general , but fasting has its own status . Allah has marked it with unlimited reward that our limited minds can never imagine its greatness . This is clear in a Hadith narrated by Abu-Huryra (may Allah be pleased with him) our prophet (may the blessing and peace of Allah be upon him ) said : thal Allah said in Asacred Hadith ” All human being’s deeds are for him except fasting it is for Me and  I reward for ” .


All kinds of worship are commands of Allah ; The Great and the Almighty , then what makes fasting different, with limitless reward ?!

Unlike other act of workshop, fasting has its unique characteristics . Muslim abondons what is legal submitting to Allah’s commands . That involves hardship especially in hot weather and on long days . Muslim endures this hardship only for the sake of Allah and this  an evidence of faith strength in their hearts . Fasting is also the only worship that is void of hypocrisy . Only Allah  ‘ Glory be to Him ‘  knows whether you are true in your fasting or not . Morever ,fasting is an act of worship where patience is clearly manifested . Allah has promised the patient with limitless reward . This is referred in Allah’s saying ” The patient are rewarded to unlimited extent ” (Al zumar :10)  .

During fasting ,muslim endures the pains of hunger , thirst , the temporary weakness of their body , abondament of legal worldly desires and sins . This is only for Allah’s satisfaction , so Allah grants fasting persons uinlimited reward for their submission and patience . This is the honour of fasting at any time .

Fasting in Ramadan has its particular blessing and superiority . All acts of worship and good deeds have double reward . There are lots of Holy Quran’s Verses and Hadiths that handled the merits of fasting among them the Hadith which showed that Allah ” Glory be to Him ” oppointed a particular door in the Paradise only for fasting persons  called ” EL Rayaan ” .

Sahl Bin Saad (may Allah be pleased with him ) said , The prophet (may the blessing and peace be upon him from Allah ) said ; ” The paradise has a door called EL-Rayaan , only the fasting enter through on the Judgement Day , no one else can enter .  It is closed ,when they enter,and no one else can enter ” .

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Allah to whom be ascribed all perfection and majesty has made fasting an atonement for sins and intercession on the Judgement Day  . In a Hadith narrated by Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him ) our prophet ( may the blessing and peace from Allah be upon him ) said : ” Allah forgive  the previous sins for whoever fast Ramadan faithfully and in anticipation of Allah’s reward ” .

Amr Bin El’ass  ( may Allah be pleased with him ) narrated  that our prophet ( may peace and mercy be upon him from Allah ) said : ” Fasting and Quran intercede for the slave on the Judgement Day , Fasting says Oh , my Lord , I prevented him from worldly desires by day , would you accept my intercession . The Quran says I deprived him of sleeping at night , would you make me his intersessor . It was said  , they interceded ” .

Our prophet said : “The bad smell omitted from the mouth of the fasting person is better than the fragrance of the perfume of Misk ” .

Then we have known the great reward waiting for us ! Why don’t we aspire to perfect fasting of Ramadan and well   preparation  to reap its precious fruits . Oh ,our Lord we long for  the days of Ramadan . We plead you to make us among your pious and patient slaves .